Chris Ronzio – Scaling Your Business Successfully

How did you find your way to success? In this episode of Messy in the Middle Podcast, Sharon hosts Chris Ronzio. Chris is the host of Process Makes Perfect podcast, author of 100 Hacks to Improve Your Business and an Inc. Magazine contributor with a column titled The Process Playbook. As a serial entrepreneur and startup leader, […]

Nancy Hetrick – Financial Stability

What does financial stability look like to you? On this episode of the Messy in the Middle Podcast Sharon talks to Nancy Hetrick. Nancy is the owner of smarter divorce Solutions LLC, The Divorce Financial Planner Training Center. She is also a financial adviser with Better Money Decisions. As a certified divorce financial analyst, mediator, […]

The Best Way to Change Your Job Search Mindset

By Sharon Bondurant, CEO, The Finders So here you are, at a crossroads …the proverbial path not taken. Everything you have ever done has led you to where you are right now. Perhaps you are a new graduate ready to land your first real job. Maybe you’re looking to revamp and resurrect your career after […]

How I Went from Quitter to Relentless, Plus an Announcement!

sharon bondurant

From Fitness to Recruiting and Entrepreneurship, Perseverance is Key Need some inspiration …  especially when it comes to stick-to-it-ivness? Our CEO, Sharon Bondurant can relate. Read on to learn about her struggle with perseverance and the exact strategy she used to go from quitter to relentless. She shares all this and more in her recent […]

Celebrating 21 Years of Recruiting the Best in Tech

Happy 21st! A Personal Message From Sharon Bondurant, CEO, and Founder of The Finders. I cannot believe it, but in just a week or so, Tech Finders is going to be celebrating its 21st year. As some of you know, I started the company 21 years ago when my first son was born. Every year […]

2 IT Stars Discovered In Our Space & Time Travels

Our candidates are light years ahead of IT advancements because our recruiters travel through space and time to find them. I’ve included two IT Stars discovered in our recent travels below.   CHANDLER DEVELOPMENT PRO WITH MORE THAN A DECADE OF EXPERIENCE   More than 10 years of professional, hands-on development Avid front-end experience Well-versed […]