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Celebrating 21 Years of Recruiting the Best in Tech

Happy 21st!

A Personal Message From Sharon Bondurant, CEO, and Founder of The Finders.

I cannot believe it, but in just a week or so, Tech Finders is going to be celebrating its 21st year. As some of you know, I started the company 21 years ago when my first son was born. Every year around this time, when we get ready to celebrate his birthday, it’s also a birthday that we celebrate in the office!

Not only do we have Tech Finders, but we now have HR Finders that launched in 2012, and Finance Finders that launched about a year ago. I just wanted to take a moment and thank our candidates, people that we’ve placed and worked with over the years in business. I also wanted to thank the wonderful clients we still have, one of our very first clients from about 18 years ago that we’re actively working with today, as well as hundreds of other clients that we’ve had the opportunity to work and engage with over the years.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, it’s why I do what I do!

I love connecting people, I love helping them find the best opportunity, and I also love building my team. I could not do it without the wonderful people that we have brought into our organization that spend so much time and have so much passion to help our community. Thank you so much!

We’re looking forward to another 21 years in business and helping people find what they’re truly looking for. As we always say, we are just getting started!

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