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Nancy Hetrick – Financial Stability

What does financial stability look like to you?

On this episode of the Messy in the Middle Podcast Sharon talks to Nancy Hetrick. Nancy is the owner of smarter divorce Solutions LLC, The Divorce Financial Planner Training Center. She is also a financial adviser with Better Money Decisions. As a certified divorce financial analyst, mediator, and forensic specialist, she assists divorcing clients with crafting a creative, out-of-court, settlement agreement. She assists clients in drafting settlement agreements in a kinder, gentler, more affordable process. Nancy has over 20 years of experience in both investment management and financial planning. She has also become a nationally known trainer for divorce financial planners. In addition to these accomplishments she is also the author of Divorce is Not for Dummies: How to Cover Your Assets.

Nancy founded Smarter Divorce Solutions in 2011 after going through her own less-than-optimal divorce. In 2016, Nancy founded the Divorce Financial Planner Training Center to offer continuing education to CDFA® holders everywhere. She provides full-service financial planning and investment management with Better Money Decisions in addition to her role as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst at Smarter Divorce Solutions. In this episode we get down in the nitty gritty of divorce financials, protections, and the power of her approach to divorce mediations.

Nancy and Sharon talk about the ins and outs of prenuptial agreements and their importance for first marriages and remarriages. She talks about the difference she makes with her approach to divorce mediation over the approach taken by courts and lawyers. Nancy finds encouragement from her past clients sharing their friendship success with their ex-spouses because of her processes. Nancy has so much wisdom and a heart for those walking through one of the most challenging life events! She believes we all deserve to be with someone who lifts us up and encourages us.

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