Jenny Taylor – Building a Business Through Passion

On this episode of Messy in the Middle, Sharon is joined by Jenny Taylor. Jenny Taylor is most well known over the past decade for being the founder of the Famous Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography where her team transforms the everyday woman into a bombshell at her private luxury boudoir studios located in Chicago, Nashville, […]

Jennifer Gilbert – Getting Creative and Finding Success

What pivot have you made recently? On this week’s episode of Messy in the Middle, Sharon talks with Jennifer Gilbert. Before launching her own tech department at Offer Pad, Jennifer was a high school social studies teacher and worked in Real Estate law prior to teaching. Jennifer has now found a path that she loves […]

Desiree Martinez – Leaning In and Getting Uncomfortable

  When is the last time you got uncomfortable to grow? On this episode of Messy in the Middle, Sharon sits down with Desiree Martinez founder and owner of All-In-One Social Media. Sharon and Desiree met quite a few years back, thanks to her mom! They ended up meeting up for coffee at a time […]

Chris Ronzio – Scaling Your Business Successfully

How did you find your way to success? In this episode of Messy in the Middle Podcast, Sharon hosts Chris Ronzio. Chris is the host of Process Makes Perfect podcast, author of 100 Hacks to Improve Your Business and an Inc. Magazine contributor with a column titled The Process Playbook. As a serial entrepreneur and startup leader, […]