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Jennifer Gilbert – Getting Creative and Finding Success

What pivot have you made recently?

On this week’s episode of Messy in the Middle, Sharon talks with Jennifer Gilbert. Before launching her own tech department at Offer Pad, Jennifer was a high school social studies teacher and worked in Real Estate law prior to teaching. Jennifer has now found a path that she loves and will stick with, in technology.

Jennifer faced a point in her teaching career where she found herself torn between serving her students and serving her family and ultimately made the very challenging decision to pivot into a career where she could help others and find a new passion. She connected with a friend and transitioned into a role as a product manager and honed in on how her teaching skills could translate over to this new role. Jennifer and Sharon dive deep into the messy parts of massive career pivots and transitions and what is essential in that time to keep yourself moving and growing.

Sharon and Jennifer talk about another massive leap Jennifer made into job hunting; Jennifer sent out hundreds of resumes and heard nothing back. She reached out to her recruiting friends and sought their help in marketing her to new companies and places. Jennifer found that she was an incredibly hard person to sell on paper.

Jennifer discovered a job posting that changed her resume life. She revamped her resume, used modern slang, bitmoji’s, and made it 100% authentically her! Jennifer dives deep into the self-reassurance that even in this level of unemployment, displace-employment, you are the expert in your field, companies still need you. Jennifer’s creative leap ended up resulting in 35 calls from 50 resume submissions, 12 interviews, and 5 job offers. She is now at McKessen Technology and loves the impact this company has made around the world before and during the pandemic we are living through.