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Desiree Martinez – Leaning In and Getting Uncomfortable


When is the last time you got uncomfortable to grow?

On this episode of Messy in the Middle, Sharon sits down with Desiree Martinez founder and owner of All-In-One Social Media. Sharon and Desiree met quite a few years back, thanks to her mom! They ended up meeting up for coffee at a time where she was living with her parents, trying to make it as a new graduate in a recession. Their relationship has grown over the year.

Desiree’s journey began while she was living in the equivalent of her mom’s basement. She found herself in the worst position of looking for a job in the middle of a recession. Desiree got scrappy. She attended events and networked with anyone and anywhere, she built freelancing packages and barreled full steam ahead making connections.

Sharon and Desiree dive deep into the evolution of her business and agency, how the messy parts lead to success. Desiree shares how everyone can use that messy to not only grow and learn but to lend a hand out to those who may experience the same messy. As a military spouse, Desiree understands the unique employment and life struggles faced by military spouses. This understanding shaped All-In-One Social Media, where her social media marketers are all military spouses.

Desiree dives into her the stories behind her Women of Youtube Podcast that she created to highlight and lift up the women Youtube creators in a very man dominated platform. Desiree hosts all different kinds of female guests that are creating on Youtube and shares them with her community to encourage other women to start creating, keep creating, and strive to grow in their business, niche, and message.

Desiree is a wealth of knowledge in business, Youtube, and social media. She brings inspiration, realness, and laughs.