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Business + IT = Success

As a part of the IT management team, you will work to set strategic direction and make decisions that are not only “cool” but that make fiscal sense.  Knowing every programming language and earning every possible IT-specific certification will not provide you with this skillset.  Regardless of the role you play within the management structure of your IT department, you need to have an understanding of a strategic business environment and how to:

  • effectively manage people and build teams
  • manage technology and the bottom line
  • successfully and economically integrate this technology into the company’s other business lines and divisions

Here are four tips to get you well on your way.

1.         Train your employees to collaborate and hold each other accountable

Teams are expected to produce results, but performance will be hindered if team members do not work well together.  A collaborative group environment is essential for the team’s success.  To create this collaborative environment, team members must

  • Have a common purpose and goal
  • Trust each other

Understand everyone’s roles and be familiar with those roles

2.         Learn and promote risk-taking  

Risks are necessary to make change happen.  People and companies who are unwilling to take risks will stagnate and stop innovating. IT leaders need to learn to balance risk-taking and failure.  This applies to employees as well.  Leaders must learn how to maximize the abilities of those they manage.  Great leaders allow their direct reports the freedom to make mistakes, but good employees also:

  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Own their mistakes
  • Fix their mistakes

Put safeguards in place to ensure that the same mistakes will never happen again.

3.         Communication

Communication is of paramount importance.  Without communication, there is no exchanging of ideas which (in turn) stymies innovation.  Therefore:

  • Err on the side over communicating
  • Address and clear up any misunderstandings quickly.
  • Take responsibility for being heard and understood.

Look to understand all angles of a situation and/or problem.

4.         Assign multiple managers to handle projects throughout cialispillssaleonline your company

No matter how talented and educated, one person cannot do everything that needs to be done.  It is simply not possible and will derail the entire organization.  Surround yourself with talented people, and work to recognize their different talents.  When you have a cohesive team of people whose different skill sets augment each other’s, your organization will keep moving ahead.

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