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How to Ensure the Candidate Accepts Your Offer

After attracting and interviewing their top candidate, many companies end up having their job offer refused.


Top candidates have options.  Their skills are in high demand, and multiple companies often are pursuing them.  So what can you do to improve your chances of having a top candidate accept your offer? Here are 4 areas to focus on:


According to the most recent Global Workforce Insights Quarterly Report, job stability is a priority for employees considering a new job – falling directly behind compensation and work / life balance.  essaywritingplace People want a company that has a plan and is committed to success.  Top talent does not want to take a new job to simply lose it in a layoff or downsizing initiative.  This must be demonstrated to the candidate, preferably by upper management, during the interview process.



In order to have your job offer accepted, you need to provide more value than what the candidate currently has or is being offered by someone else.  Candidates find value in four areas:

  • Job duties
  • Professional challenges
  • Promotions potential
  • Salary


Out of these four areas, the salary offer has the biggest immediate impact.  It indicates to the candidate how much he/she is valued.


To hire top talent, you will need to make above-average salary offers.  So, analyze your salary ranges, and if needed, make sure that there is enough money there to make above-average offers.  Do not simply go above the range for one person; it can impact their ability to progress on the payscale and, if discovered, can make existing staff feel devalued.


The Job                                                        
Do not only present the positive aspects of the job.  Research actually shows that a realistic presentation of the position – both challenges and positive aspects – results in higher offer-acceptance rates, better job satisfaction, and lower employee turnover.


Top candidates focus on the roles, responsibilities and challenges of the position.  They are able to decide for themselves whether they will be able to cope with the challenge they may face.


In addition, clearly differentiate the opportunities at your firm from those of your competitors. This could range from development opportunities, location, work / life balance, employer brand, ethics, future career opportunities, etc.


The Boss
The adage is true – employees do not leave jobs; they leave their bosses.


Managers who micromanage and do their own jobs badly destroy their employees’ performance and potential.  In fact, 60% to 75% of the employees in any organization – no matter the occupational group – report that the worst aspect of their job is their “immediate supervisor.”


This can impact the company in many tangible ways – through decreased productivity, higher absenteeism rates, higher turnover, and even higher health coverage costs.  Therefore, as the hiring manager, you must demonstrate commitment by being heavily during the hiring process, especially the closing stage.  Do not delegate this last, critical step to HR.

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