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Onboarding IT Staff. Why is it Important?

We’ve all been there.

Screening candidates. Multiple Interviews. Offer. Negotiation. Orientation. Training.

Finally. That’s off your plate and you can move forward to your next task.

Then– gone. An attractive offer from a previous employer and your new hire is out the door and back where they started. And so are you.

Why does this happen?

The answer is lack of engagement.  The cure is a structured onboarding program. As mexican pharmacy viagra a hiring manager, your new employee’s first day is just the beginning of your job. What are the keys to a solid onboarding program that will ensure your new hire stays?


Get a clear understanding of why the candidate left their previous position. Did he or she feel undervalued? They may be vulnerable to a counter-offer.  Was it management style? If your style presents no change, what incentive does he or she have to stay? Be sure that the candidate understands your company culture and assess whether or not he or she is a good fit. Don’t’ give them an excuse to return to their comfort zone.


Be sure that you have clear expectations that the new employee understands. The job offer should include a clear, written job description. Go over the job description on day one, assuming nothing. Be sure that the description contains measurable metrics so that the employee knows when he or she is successful and when they need improvement.


Get your newbie engaged in the company as quickly as possible. The sooner he or she feels like part of the team, the quicker their loyalty will be with you. Introduce them to his coworkers. Appoint a go-to teammate to answer simple questions that don’t require tracking down the boss. Take them to lunch with the team. Let them know about upcoming team building events or where everyone likes to go to happy hour.


Make sure the new employee has everything they need to be successful from the first day.  The workspace itself should be clean and stocked with basic supplies. Have any paperwork ready for completion. Prepare a written week one (at least) agenda. Include trainings, breaks, projects he or she is expected to get started on. Include any contact information he might need.

Temperature Taking

Check in regularly to address any small problems before they become big problems. Set follow up meetings at regular intervals, weekly for the first month, then maybe 30, 60, 90 days. Be sure to include what you expect them to have accomplished at these intervals in order to be considered successful. Create action plans for any shortcomings and praise extraordinary results.

Give him a challenge

As tempting as it may be to shuffle the grunt work to the newbie, IT people love challenges, so give them at least one puzzle to solve. He or she left his last job for a reason. Keeping them engaged and challenged will keep them from second-guessing his acceptance of your offer.

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