How to Ensure the Candidate Accepts Your Offer

After attracting and interviewing their top candidate, many companies end up having their job offer refused.   Top candidates have options.  Their skills are in high demand, and multiple companies often are pursuing them.  So what can you do to improve your chances of having a top candidate accept your offer? Here are 4 areas […]

Business + IT = Success

As a part of the IT management team, you will work to set strategic direction and make decisions that are not only “cool” but that make fiscal sense.  Knowing every programming language and earning every possible IT-specific certification will not provide you with this skillset.  Regardless of the role you play within the management structure […]

Onboarding IT Staff. Why is it Important?

We’ve all been there. Screening candidates. Multiple Interviews. Offer. Negotiation. Orientation. Training. Finally. That’s off your plate and you can move forward to your next task. Then– gone. An attractive offer from a previous employer and your new hire is out the door and back where they started. And so are you. Why does this […]

4 Ways to Keep Your Career in IT Moving Forward

For many, their IT career is a journey, and for some there is a desire for that journey to end in a C-level executive office.  Only a few make it, however.  Statistically, this makes sense because every company may have dozens (if not hundreds) of programmers, but they only have one EXECUTIVE.  To successfully make […]