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4 Ways to Keep Your Career in IT Moving Forward

For many, their IT career is a journey, and for some there is a desire for that journey to end in a C-level executive office.  Only a few make it, however.  Statistically, this makes sense because every company may have dozens (if not hundreds) of programmers, but they only have one EXECUTIVE.  To successfully make the transition requires a little soul-searching as well as the acquisition of additional skills.

Not everyone is cut out for the life of an executive. For example, your inherent personality plays a huge factor in the realization of this goal. Many who are drawn to a career in IT are natural introverts, preferring the work over the co-workers.  If this describes you, you may not be suited for a life as an executive.

However, if you feel that you are suited for the transition, you will need to work to acquire a completely different skillset than what you brought to your position as a programmer, systems administrator, helpdesk technician, etc.

Here are 4 skill sets you need to work to possess:

  • Business acumen – As the head IT executive, you will medicinesure.com – this have the ultimate responsibility to set strategic direction and make decisions.  Having every certification possible will not provide this knowledge.  Companies are looking for C-level executives who have spent some time in a strategic business environment, understanding how technology affects the bottom line and how it needs to successfully and economically integrate into other business lines and divisions of the company
  • Variety of IT skills – Develop as many IT disciplines as possible as early as possible in your career. In order to fully understand how business and IT work together, you need to have a full understanding of the many disparate roles within IT, including project management.
  • Relationship-building skills – There are very few jobs available out there that allow an employee to simply sit at a workstation all day.  An executive is not one of them.  Building productive, respectful relationships up, down and across the corporate entity (as well as outside of it) are of up-most importance.  Initiatives are rolled out, partnerships are formed and innovative ideas are formed due to positive relationships across and outside the organization.
  • Communication skills – Jargon permeates every section of an organization, but this divide is particularly apparent between IT and other functional departments.  The executive needs to know how to bridge any/all communication gaps.  The ability to translate high-tech, highly abstract concepts into something that can be understood by everyone is a “must-have” skill.

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