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Behind The Scenes at The Finders

Kristy Bach, Job Recruiters

This month, we have a “behind the scenes” peek at The Finders through the eyes of Lori Pasteur, who embodies the kind of consummate professionals we work with. She shares what it’s like to be a hiring company and a potential candidate in this market. Enjoy!

In Success,

Kristy Bach
Chief Operating Officer
The Finders

Lori Pasteur, Job Recruiters 

Lori Pasteur met The Finders Chief Operating Officer, Kristy Bach more than 15 years ago when she relocated from California to Phoenix. It was the start of a long-lasting relationship when the firm assisted the HR professional to fill IT and mortgage positions at the homebuilder company where she was employed.

“I was very impressed,” Pasteur recalls. “They found outstanding candidates across the country and consistently made me look good.”

It was the kid-glove touch that Lori appreciated the most, she shares. The firm recruited candidates in difficult markets, coached candidates to align expectations with her company and thoroughly prepared candidates before interviews and placements, according to the HR executive.

“As a recruiting source, The Finders took the time to understand the organization and the types of candidates that would fit within my team,” she elaborates. “They were a great extension of my HR function.”

Recently, Lori’s employer merged with another company and her position was eliminated. That’s when she partnered with The Finders on “the other side of the fence.”

“As a candidate, they spent the time to truly know me, my style and my preferences,” she shares. “In my job search, the team has been honest and has provided valuable constructive feedback. I always feel support from the team. The communication is strong and transparent. Their ethics and values align with mine.”

An accomplished leader with demonstrated high-caliber HR skills, at the moment, Lori provides HR consulting to a blood testing company through The Finders. Her focus includes employee relations, policy audits and revision, open enrollment presentations and fulfillment, and special projects.

“Lori is a proven HR executive that knows how to integrate HR and business objectives,” Kristy Bach says. “Recognized for her change management skills, she is a strategist and a decisive leader.”

When the project is complete, Lori will work with Kristy along with The Finders Executive Recruiter Kerri Francisco to find a best-fit senior level HR role.

“Kristy and Kerri are great networkers and I’ve learned so much from them,” Lori concludes. “I have the utmost respect for and the whole team at The Finders. Work with the best and you get the best outcome. I’m lucky to have found that on both sides of the process.”

hr consultant

Pro Tips from HR Consultant, Lori Pasteur

Here are Lori’s best tips for hiring companies and potential candidates.

Hiring companies

Develop a strong relationship at the beginning.
Schedule time with the recruiter to come into your office and get to know you and the organization culture.
Introduce them to key company leaders to give them a true sense of the types of people who are a successful fit.
Keep good news and bad news communication open and honest; cultivate trust and partnership.

Potential candidates

  • Prepare to be humble when an opportunity doesn’t work out.
  • Your recruiter is there to support you and help find the right opportunity, but you have to do the work too.
  • The recruiter is a support mechanism, but the individual needs to make it a full-time job to find employment.