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Crafting a Competitive Resume for the Tech Industry

Whether you are a passive or active job seeker, your resume requires regular updating. Even if you are currently employed or working on a project, the next opportunity is always right around the corner. Being prepared makes all the difference as you transition to new opportunities.

In the tech industry, jobs are being created every day, and your unique experiences might set you apart from other applicants. To make sure you include every step of your professional journey on your resume, you should always be shaping and shifting your verbiage and outline to match what is in demand. A competitive resume can allow you to capitalize on the high demand for tech jobs that exist in the industry.

Technology Stack

The first thing you should list in your resume should be your technology stack. Keep in mind, this information is the core of your abilities and knowledge of tech-related development and maintenance, so it will likely be the first thing on your resume after your contact information. Like the ingredients listed in a recipe, your tech stack is what makes you a candidate. Do not forget to include every step, including your exposure to all server-side and client-side programs.

Projects and Applications

By listing your projects in the order in which you were hired to complete them, you are showing your prospective employer the jobs you can handle. More importantly, you should explain what you learned in the process of completing each project and express why this has elevated your ability to grow and progress in future job roles. This sets you up to market yourself in the most streamlined way possible, leading to an increased chance of landing your next big job.

Don’t Leave Out Influential Professional Profiles

For many tech professionals, Github is an invaluable resource as the world’s largest open source community. While it may be a daily tool for you to access your projects and work, many forget to include their Github URL on their resume. It’s an easy way to provide resume reviewers with a portfolio of your work and can give them a better understanding of your level of expertise. Likewise, your Linkedin account is crucial to providing additional job experiences. It’s important to make sure the information on your Linkedin is consistent with the content on your resume. Any discrepancies can be confusing, and the importance of keeping each of them congruent with one another gives you an added incentive in staying up to date on your resume content.
Emphasize Collaborative Skills

It’s crucial to exemplify your teamwork skills on your resume. Rarely is any one single person working without a team, or at the very least, a partner or two. You are a much more desirable applicant if you show that you can work with others in an encouraging way, both in leadership and team-focused roles. While your resume should be fairly consistent no matter the company to which you are applying, a bit of an explanation as to why your skills would benefit the company to which you are submitting your resume can help match your personality to the climate of the company. The more you can show off your team player personality, the more likely they will see you as a good fit for their company.

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