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6 Advantages Of Being A Recruiter

Why are People Switching Jobs These Days?

They’re BORED!

A Korn Ferry Institute study revealed that boredom, not money, is the number one reason people are leaving their current jobs. Out of 5,000 professionals polled, the survey results were as follows:

  • 33 percent – I’m bored
  • 24 percent – The culture isn’t a fit
  • 21 percent – I lost my job or expect to be losing it soon
  • 19 percent – I need a higher salary
  • 3 percent – Company politics

Are YOU bored and looking for a new job? We know one thing’s for sure: “boring” is not a word we’d use to describe a job as a recruiter. Recruiters in Arizona have the opportunity to work in a city full of both young graduates and experienced professionals who are prepared to take their next step toward a new career. The “wearing-many-different-hats” aspect of recruiting is often what lures people in and makes them stay.

Let’s take a look at six advantages of being a recruiter and how you can join the industry.

1. Manage Yourself

As a recruiter, you won’t be micromanaged with a boss looking over your shoulders at all hours of the day. You have the ability to govern yourself throughout the week and work at your own pace. Depending on the industry you are most familiar with, you will have the capability to develop set plans for the niches on which you would like to focus. You will continue to learn the industry, how you can improve, and what tactics are most effective for applicants.

2. Never Get Bored

One of the biggest advantages of being a recruiter is that you will never experience the same day twice. One day, you could assist five young graduates in gaining entry-level employment. While the next day, you could connect a new CFO candidate to the front office of a Fortune 500 company.

The world of recruiting is exciting and innovative. Every day will bring new conversations with a variety of interesting and unique people. You will have plenty of stories to share with friends and family about your day-to-day experiences.

3. Establish New Talents

When working as a recruiter, you will be working with thousands of people who are trying to find work in a range of different industries. You will learn something new from each of them throughout the process. Your arsenal of talents will expand rapidly as you determine the best ways to assist them.

Recruiters develop strong interpersonal skills, while also increasing their knowledge of the technology available to make their jobs easier. Another vital skill everyone in this role must learn is the ability to research. The applicants you work with will expect you to have a strong understanding of their industry and the position, making it imperative you provide them with well-informed recommendations.

4. Good Compensation

Recruiters in Arizona are well-compensated due to the increasingly competitive nature of the industry. Many consider the pay to be one of the greatest benefits of being a recruiter. Most entry-level positions start employees off at or near $16 per hour, and that is before bonuses and commission come into play.

Working for a Phoenix recruiting agency has an abundance of perks and benefits available to those who come ready to work and make job placements. Success is attainable in a long-term career within this special field of work. As the job market grows, the need for recruiters also increases.

5. Boost Your Resume

For those who decide to leave recruiting, their experience becomes invaluable for other companies. Many successful recruiters are able to find mid-level as well as management positions in industries like human resources, sales, and of course, recruiting. Future employers enjoy seeing this work history on a resume, as it means you are highly skilled at working with people among having developed a wealth of other sought out abilities.

As a recruiter, you’ll be able to add a handful of abilities to your resume such as:

  • Quick thinking
  • Skilled researching abilities
  • Strong knowledge of numerous and various industries.
  • Strong interpersonal communication
  • Goal-oriented focus
  • Being a team player prepared to focus on a company’s vision or mission.

6. Genuinely Help People

While there are many personal advantages of being a recruiter, most people in this line of work most enjoy the opportunity to help others. Many recruiters understand the struggle that comes along with searching for a new job, building a quality resume, and connecting with the right people. Recruiters are a guide to potential candidates, leading these individuals to the next stage of their career.

You will establish yourself as a confident and advocate for every candidate you work with during the recruiting process. Candidates will depend on you to help them along the way, assisting them with one of the biggest decisions of their professional life.

More Advantages of Being a Recruiter

Above all, it’s important to understand this isn’t a comprehensive list — there’s so much more to recruiting and its advantages than meets the eye. The Finders can help you unlock these opportunities and help you grow as a professional and person.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about joining our team. We are always on the lookout for passionate, optimistic, and committed individuals.