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How to Manage and Attract IT Millennials

For the first time in recorded history, there are workers spanning four generations in businesses all across the country.  A new workplace dynamic has emerged…one that has gotten a lot of negative press about intergenerational classes between “stodgy” older workers and “arrogant” upstarts.

These reports make for good headlines, but they are simply not true.  There are strong similarities between millennials and the generations that have preceded them.  Most of us want the same thing – security, variety and the ability to grow in our careers; to be proud of our work; and certain expectations of fairness.

However, there are many ways in which this newest generation is different, and there are 5 key steps employers can take to address any issues:

  • Rethink your rewards and perks: Everyone wants to be rewarded, but the focus can be poles apart for different generations.  So think creatively and outline exactly what the reward and perk could entail – for all generations.  For example, a focus on work/life balance could mean something completely different for an empty-nester than it means for a millennial with young children or one with no children.
  • Help them grow: Coaching is one of the most efficient and targeted methods for workplace learning.  People of all levels, want coaching and think it would be helpful for them in their careers.  Therefore, really understand the personal and professional goals of millennials; once done, you can design an assignment path that gives them a sense that they are moving toward something and gaining a variety of experiences.
  • Let them know how they’re doing: Everyone wants and values feedback.  The difference is that younger workers want to know how they are doing with much more regularity.  Annual reviews are not their cup of tea.  Give them honest feedback in real time — it improves communication and trust.
  • Modify your career ladder: No one wants to sit at the same job for decades.  However, older workers – in many cases – have accepted that career advancement is based upon seniority and time of service.  For younger workers, results trump tenure, and they are sometimes frustrated with the amount of time it takes to work up the career ladder. They want recognition for their success in the form of career advancement.  They do not want to wait until someone retires. So re-evaluate your career ladder. Add more levels, grades or other ‘badges’; you will be surprised how well that meets their expectations.
  • Expect them to go: It’s inevitable that the rate of churn among millennials will be higher than among other generations, especially since many have made compromises in finding their first job as well as watched their parents be summarily dismissed from their jobs.  Expect attrition and build this into your plans. Always be proactively looking for your next great hire.  They are out there.

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