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Phoenix Tech Candidates Asking for Higher Pay

Tech Job Seekers Looking for Higher Pay.


How can employers respond?


The problem with salary pressure is two-fold. It’s harder to retain the talent you have and the competition for new techs gets even stiffer. With tech unemployment remaining low, how are employers to attract and retain the best talent without breaking the bank?

Benchmark industry salaries. If your compensation is off the mark, you’ll never attract high quality talent. At best you’ll serve as a stepping-stone to more desirable employment. No one wants to overpay, but in the tech sector, professionals typically know their worth and are not afraid to move on if they feel undervalued.

Offer more challenges. Technical professions are problem solvers. Keep them challenged and you have a better chance of keeping them around. With growth opportunities in mobile app development, cloud networking and data analytics; there is no shortage of new challenges for IT pros who want them. If you are working on intriguing projects, be sure to let candidates know.

Create a clear promotion path. Lack of opportunity for advancement is one of the top reasons cited by IT professionals thinking about leaving their jobs. Keep your existing employees updated on promotion opportunities and let candidates know if there is room to grow.

Encourage professional development. Pay educational expenses if possible. It’s a worthwhile investment. In an ever-changing sector, staying up to date with industry developments is key to remaining marketable. Reimburse for job or company relevant courses or majors with a provision that the employee remain on the job for a set period of time or pay back the expenses.

Find out what motivates them. How? Ask – you may be surprised. Many enjoy perks such as the ability to www.cialispillssaleonline.com work from a home office, flexible scheduling or even the occasional free lunch. And of course, everyone loves more money, but more and more frequently, tech professionals are citing more substantive factors such as advancement opportunities, access to new technologies or a solid benefits programs that keep them on the job.

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