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Using Audience Segmentation to Market Yourself on LinkedIn 

When it comes to opportunity and ease of use, there is no better platform for professional self-promotion than LinkedIn. 

The social media network for professionals allows users to build compelling personal brands. A well-designed brand on LinkedIn showcases a user’s skills, experience, personality, and other professional qualifications for a specific audience.  

Consider the following tips on how to leverage proven audience segmentation techniques on LinkedIn to grow your career. 

How Can You Market Yourself on Linkedin?

Know Your Marketing Goal(s) 

Before you start intentionally building a brand you need to have a marketing goal in mind, which based on your profession and the stage of your career. Maybe you want to increase brand awareness, present yourself as a thought leader, or generate high-quality leads.  

Try to settle on one or two specific marketing goals. Doing this helps you develop a focused brand that can easily be understood by your target audience on LinkedIn. 

Know Your Audiences 

When marketing yourself on LinkedIn, you should be targeting specific audiences based on your goal and profession. For example, if you are in the marketing industry, you should be targeting other marketing professionals and may want to particularly target those based in big media cities. 

LinkedIn has a number of features that can help you identify specific audiences based on location, industry, professional qualifications, and other factors. 

Optimize Your Profile 

Simply having a complete profile is not enough. Many people use the search feature on LinkedIn to find certain types of professionals, and your profile should be optimized so that it can be easily found by your audience segments. 

Review the profiles of people in your target audience and identify recurring keywords in their profiles and the content they post. Conduct Google searches for these keywords and sees which ones are the most prominent. 

After you have done your research, incorporate identified keywords into all aspects of your profile, such as your services page and posts. If you are able to incorporate strong keywords into your profile, it will make finding you with the search function much easier. 

Write a Description That Stands Out 

The make-or-break moment for someone checking out your LinkedIn profile is when they read your description. If your reader does not find it compelling, they are more likely to move on to another profile. 

If you have a cover letter that helped you get a job in the past, use this as a reference for your description. Include facts and numbers that show off your achievements, such as the sales figures you’ve achieved or awards that you’ve won. Try to highlight one or two major accomplishments, and don’t worry about coming off as arrogant. If you don’t promote yourself and what you’ve achieved, who will? 

Post Focused Content 

Posting content to social media is part of any modern brand strategy. When posting content to your LinkedIn profile, be sure it speaks to your audiences and supports the marketing objectives you are trying to achieve. Posting about a group or individual achievements is a no-brainer. But you should also be posting about news and developments for your industry. 

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