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Why Networking on LinkedIn Is Important 

If you’re a working professional with any kind of career ambition, it’s safe to say you probably have a LinkedIn profile. 

According to data from Statista, just 17 percent of LinkedIn users access the LinkedIn app every day. That means a lot of people are taking a set-it-and-forget-it approach to networking on the social platform. For motivated users, there are plenty of opportunities to increase visibility and connect with like-minded professionals. This does require some work and an ongoing commitment.  

In fairness, putting one more responsibility on your plate can feel like a lot when the benefits aren’t apparent. If you aren’t convinced that’s important to network on LinkedIn, consider the following benefits. 

Why You Should be Networking on LinkedIn 

Build a Brand 

When a hiring manager enters your name in a search engine, they will be able to see your online presence. Depending on what they see, they may decide whether or not you are worth considering for an open position. According to research, a profile picture can make you seem more competent than a pictureless profile. 

LinkedIn profiles prominently appear in Google search results and this presence allows you to present a personal brand over which you have significant control. To present the brand you would like to have, you must treat your LinkedIn profile as a more vibrant extension of your resume. Your profile can and should sell you and your abilities in a compelling fashion. 

More Exposure 

Many open positions aren’t publicly advertised. Instead, they’re recruited through employee referrals, with many companies seeing referrals as the No.1 source for top candidates. 

If you would like to access these back channels, you should connect yourself to people with access. People tend to recommend others who they know and like. Even if you aren’t connecting to the person directly responsible for filling an open role, you’re within a shout if someone in your network can make a recommendation. 

Networking on LinkedIn is a good way to maintain brand awareness and a good level of exposure. That way, when an opportunity does pop up, you’ll be top of mind for someone in a position to recommend you. 

More Credibility 

One of the main features of LinkedIn is allowing users to endorse and recommend others for their skills and work history. 

When your network connections advocate for you, anybody who views your profile can easily see the recommendations and it lends significant credibility to any claims about your abilities. You can develop your credibility even further through endorsements and testimonials, which essentially act as formal letters of recommendation. 

Strategic Partnerships 

Some of the largest brands on the planet enter into strategic partnerships with other brands. This tactic is also effective for people looking to advance their own careers. 

If you visit LinkedIn regularly, you can see what your connections are up to and build bonds with them over their professional interests and achievements. Once you have a few informal yet strategic partnerships, you can help each other with recommendations, leverage complementary skill sets and help grow each other’s careers. 

We Can Help You Expand Your Overall Network 

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