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9 Jobs In High Demand in Arizona

Arizona is one of the fastest-growing economies in the United States. With a booming population, many businesses and entrepreneurs have flocked to this southwestern state in search of new opportunities. But what, exactly, are these new opportunities?

We’ve asked nine experts for their thoughts on Arizona’s exciting job market. Below are nine areas with jobs in high demand in Arizona.

Corporate Recruiters

One of our most requested searches over the past 2 years has been for corporate recruiters.  Whether a company is quickly scaling or relocating to the valley and in need of Arizona talent, one of the first needs is a recruiter.  By hiring a recruiter on a contract basis or as a direct hire employee, they are able to quickly source, find, qualify, hire and onboard many people in a short amount of time in a cost effective way. This field is becoming more and more in demand and requires persistence, a sense of urgency, excellent written and verbal communication skills and attention to detail.  Many recruiters start their careers in a staffing agency setting where full training is available and then transfer into the corporate environment.

Sharon Bondaraunt, The Finders

Software Developers

It feels like there is more innovation going on than ever. Daily I get pitched on the latest SaaS idea or new technology tool. That only means one thing to me: that software developers are in high demand. Because these technical startup ideas are coming from non-technical founders, software developers are needed to bring the concept to life. Combine that demand with the fact that developers are tinkering with their own ideas during stay at home time, and there’s a high demand for technical talent in AZ.

Kayla Centeno, SaaS SEO Company

Customer Service Representatives

Finding Traveler’s Assistance Agents who provide first level support for customers traveling in our rental vehicles has been one of our top priorities in 2020. I’ve even taken calls on Saturdays, just to help fill in while we’ve searched for customer service candidates. Because a customer service position acts as a resolution resource, provides guidance, and facilitates solutions, a company really needs to be confident in a candidate to move forward with a hiring decision.

Randall Smalley, Cruise America

Mechanical Engineers

Locating qualified mechanical engineers can be tough. Hiring managers need to ensure that the engineer has the right combination of education, hard skills, certifications, and experience. Some mechanical engineers have the ability to work from home, which has helped keep the demand for hiring these types of roles up in 2020.

Ryan Nouis, Engineering Executive Search

VP of Human Resources

Employment has been one of the most talked about topics in 2020. The landscape of human resources is changing fast. A VP of HR is one the critical roles every medium to large sized company can rely on to help them navigate through all the employment and economic changes. Because the role has increased in importance in 2020, VPs of Human Resources are in high demand.

Jon Schneider, Recruiterie

Home Construction

With Arizona’s growing urban sprawl, there is an increase in demand for home construction related jobs. For example, roofers and HVAC support. These jobs tend to be more hands on, and are essential to supporting local housing and community initiatives.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Financial Analysts

We work with several companies in the Greater Phoenix area, and there seems to be a rise in the demand for financial analysts. That should come as no surprise, as financial analysis in 2020 has become critical to the survival of many businesses. Companies like Voya Financial, Spear, and even GoDaddy are actively seeking to fill financial related roles.

Denise Gredler, Best Companies AZ

Skilled Labor Jobs

Every time someone comes to my home to work on something that requires “skill” – whether that be drywall, plumbing, or any sort of construction – I think to myself, “skill labor jobs are going to be harder to fill in the future.” Why? Because it seems like younger generations like Gen Y and  Gen Z aren’t rushing into skilled trades. It’s supply and demand. With less demand to get into skilled trades, the supply will be generally lower too. I don’t have stats or facts to prove this. I only know that every construction company owner I speak to tells me the same thing: “My problem isn’t finding new business – it’s finding people!”

Brett Farmiloe, Best of HR

The Ability to Work Remote

In today’s work environment, remote work is in high demand, and you can work with companies anywhere. Don’t limit your job search geographically.  When you expand your search to include remote work, the job opportunities increase exponentially.

Brian Greenberg, True Blue Life Insurance