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The Finders is a team of ambitious, unstoppable people. Ready to take your career and your life to the next level? You are invited to apply to join our team!

Junior Recruiter Program
New to recruiting? We invite you to apply to our unique Junior Recruiter Program where you will learn how to be a top-performing talent recruiter.

Grow your earning potential
We get you going with a healthy starting salary and set you free with untapped commissions so your possibilities are endless.

Accelerate your career
With merit-based promotions, your ability to excel is not determined by seniority… its determined by you.

Expand your skills
The Finders offers ongoing education and training so your performance is armed with confidence and the industry’s latest knowledge.

Live the life you dreamed
As a two-time Best Places to Work Phoenix Business Journal Award-winner, we know our stuff when it comes to workplace culture and we reward those who reinforce our values for excellence, relationships, work-life balance, and performance.

Culture isn’t one thing. It is EVERY thing. Our team at The Finders is a super strong current of mutual respect, trust, integrity, and FUN! Spend just one day with us, and you will get what is so very special. Our success is interconnected. Integrity isn’t negotiable. Our Everything is built on doing what we say we will do. We pull for the team first, and ourselves second.

We believe that the most important asset that we have as a company, is our people. Just as we believe that this is true for the companies that we have served the past 20 years, we believe that this is the case, hands down, for our internal team, too. Our team is what has gotten us to where we are today, and what has kept us going during difficult times. Our Founder, Sharon, believes that our success lies within. “Success starts from the inside out,” you will frequently hear her say.

We know that we need to attract the best and treat them like gold. If we have the best people on our team, it naturally seeps into all the work that we do for our candidates and clients.

Our leaders believe that we need to give our team:
  • Opportunity
  • Competitive Salaries and Uncapped Commissions
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development
  • The right recruiting tools
  • A great environment
  • A collaborative, supportive team
  • Flex hours with 1-3 day remote options
  • Caring, smart, ambitious leaders

This is what we believe our team needs and deserves and this is exactly what our team gets. It is because of this that we were awarded as one of the Micro Finalists for Best Places to Work 2016 and 2018.

We know how hard our team works, so our leadership team frequently shows appreciation. Here are just a few examples of things that we have done this past year:

Dog Days of Summer Half Day Fridays

Breakfast and Mimosas

Extra Days off for several major holidays

Half days right before holidays

Car Details for the top recruiter and AM each month

Picnics at the Park

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Coffees at fun places

Team Building at Escape the Room

Fun Contests and prizes

Trip to Denver for contest winning Recruiter and AM – an amazing staffing conference

Access to our two company vehicles

We are ALWAYS seeking extraordinary people to join in our crusade to be the most admired and helpful recruiting firm in Arizona!

Experience is nice and does play a part, but it is only a piece of what we are looking for. It is the passion and the character, the drive, and previous accomplishments that make the difference to us!

Here are some of the attributes we seek in our new team members:

  • Passion and Excitement for life and success
  • Commitment to getting the job done no matter what obstacles appear to stand in the way
  • Ability to think on their feet and make good decisions
  • An effective communicator that can tell a great story
  • Previous accomplishments in ANYTHING
  • Self drive and dedication to excellence in SOMETHING
  • A friendly competitive demeanor that believes the real competitor lies within
  • A team player who is happy to be around and thrives around other elite performers
  • A fun, optimistic person who works hard and wants the opportunity to have great work / life balance and high income

We are looking for those things in someone, because that is who our TEAM is! WE are all those things described above. JOIN US! We are currently looking for Recruiters and Account Managers just like this! We prefer at least 1 year of agency experience. If you don’t have that, persuade us to hire you anyway! Connect now!

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