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NET JAVA PHP Developer Jobs in Arizona | Salary Breakdown

.NET, JAVA, PHP Developer Job Salaries in Arizona are increasing.

What must employers offer candidates to attract top talent?


Tech salaries are on the rise and Arizona is keeping pace. According to the latest available figures from the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the average salary for a software engineer in Arizona is just over $89,000 which places the state at a solid 16th highest nationwide.  Average Phoenix area salaries for specific disciplines are as follows:


.net developer

c# .net developer

front end developer

java developer

php developer

php java developer

senior software developer

sr. .net developer

sr. c# .net developer

web developer












As an employer, how do you know what to offer to attract top talent without overpaying?

It depends.

Salaries listed are industry averages, which serve as a good benchmark, but there are factors other than dollars and cents that job seekers may take into consideration.

  • Are you located in a desirable area?
  • Do you offer flex time or telecommuting options?
  • Are you a well-known, sought after company?
  • Are you willing to give entry level candidates a shot?
  • Do you offer good benefits?
  • Are you working on challenging projects?
  • Are there opportunities for growth?
  • Do you encourage (and pay for!) continuing education?

Job seekers look at all these intangibles when deciding to accept an offer, so if you can assure candidates that your company is a great place to work you may be able to offer a little less than the going rate.

If you’d like to learn more about creating an attractive compensation package or need help identifying and attracting top talent, contact AZ Tech Finders, the leading technical recruiters in Phoenix. If you are looking for technical recruiters in Phoenix, contact our team today.



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