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IT Interview Arsenal — Preparing For Your Next Interview

Because the field has evolved greatly to accommodate companies’ needs for smarter, faster and more palatable and relatable Information Technology, IT managers and employees have noticed changes in what interviewers are seeking over the last ten to fifteen years. Discounting any of these newer factors could cost you an interview or a position with a desirable company. Incorporating the following into your interview arsenal can increase your chances of landing a job.

Identify strengths and weakness in your soft skills. Soft skills are those which are not directly related to mechanical, mathematical or technological intelligence. According to the University of Minnesota, the five soft skills that are most likely to make an impact on interviewing are: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Especially in the IT field, employers need to be able to trust that candidates are capable of being engaging and self-aware. Demonstrate your soft skills by keeping them in mind when answering questions.

Self-awareness can demonstrated early on in most interviews; most recruiters or managers will ask what your strengths are, and it is imperative that are ready to express those strengths in a confident and concise way. It is always your prerogative to steer interviews in the direction of your strengths–let your skills and specialties be known.

If the interview steers away from your strengths, and you find yourself being asked something to which you do not know the answer, simply be honest and state that. If you are able to be adaptable and to “think out loud” by sharing with your interviewer how you might find the answer to his question, or by using deductive reasoning and explaining that as you do so, the interviewer will not focus as much on your not knowing the “correct” answer. This displays several soft skills at once, and portrays you as an individual who is capable of using the tools he has available to get the job done.

Enthusiasm (nestled under the soft skills of attitude and outlook) is key in interviews. Forbes recently implored its readers not to curb the spark and passion that could be the deciding factor in whether or not you are hired. Share with your interviewer that you are energized by the company and the possibility of working there. This is invaluable to interviewers who have likely been burned before by hires who jumped ship after a few months with the company; they were great on paper but simply lacked the enthusiasm necessary to care about the job.

The IT field is constantly expanding and changing, and because IT is vital to most companies at this time, the job market is expanding and changing as well. Bolstering weaknesses in soft skills, steering interviews toward your strengths and showing enthusiasm for your work website are all ways to keep up with current hiring trends in the field.

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