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The 3 Biggest Reasons Why Job Seekers Need a Recruiter

Tired of the dreaded job hunt? Maybe you just want a change of scenery? Time to reach out to a recruiter, here’s why.

The Internet era has single-handedly made job positions more available for job-seeking candidates like you, but it has also made it confusing. With unemployment so low, active job seekers are intimidated by open positions on hundreds of online recruitment websites, dozens of networking sites, and a countless number of job boards.

Lucky for you, recruiters like The Finders can show you how to take advantage of your options without getting overwhelmed.

Kristy Bach, Chief Operating Officer at The Finders, stresses the fact that recruiters are a valuable resource.

“Recruiters are specialists in the job search. We know how to help candidates navigate throughout the process. Whether it’s accepting or resigning, providing counteroffers, or accepting promotions, we will guide you through any and all otherwise stressful encounters.”

They offer a personalized service that can bridge this communication gap with knowledge, expertise, and experience. Whether you’re a passive or active job seeker, professional talent finders can effectively navigate the hiring process and ease this important life transition. Here are three reasons why.

1. They’re industry and hiring experts

Not only are professional recruiters experts in hiring, but they also have access to an extensive network of companies that each offer a unique set of opportunities, cultures, and settings. With intimate knowledge of the job market and awareness of your goals, recruiters provide resources, consultation, and feedback so you can navigate the hiring process.

An in-depth understanding of your goals (along with their client’s expectations) allows recruiters to advocate your needs and wants to your next potential employer.

Eliminate the difficult salary conversations and let the recruiter do the dirty work.

2. They’re honest

Transparency is important for both you and the recruiter. Honest communication will help nourish a long-lasting relationship and ultimately move you farther along the hiring process.

Recruiters will prepare you for all client-facing interactions. They will help you adapt your representation for different positions, coach you on interviewing techniques, and provide crucial feedback. If you strike out in your interview, your recruiter will be there to brush you off and help you nail your next one.

Feedback is key. How else will you learn?

3. They’re dedicated to success

Recruiters value your interests and are in it for the long run. Kristy articulates the importance of authenticity.

“We pride ourselves on strong communication with our candidates by making sure they’re set up for success… making them not feel like their just a number or commodity,” she says.

Recruiters will sit down with you and invest the time and effort to get to know you, looking past the current opportunity and understanding what motivates you. What piques your interest? What will make or break your decision when accepting or declining a job offer? How do you handle negotiating through complicated and sensitive situations? These are just a handful of things recruiters want to know about you to help match you to the job scope in which you will thrive.

The true partnership comes with two-way communication.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re an active or passive job seeker, these are just three of the many benefits of using professional recruiters like The Finders. If you’re considering a new role or just want to see what’s out there, our door is always open!

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