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How Enterprise IT Will Change Your Tech Business in 2014

Many times people tend to jump the gun and make predictions before analyzing the facts. Tech changes occur on a daily basis and are difficult to keep up with. CIO magazine gathered data from all of 2013 and has reported a list of changes that will affect the tech industry in 2014.

Here are three IT trends we believe you need to consider in 2014:

Spying Scandal Could Impact the Cloud’s Growth

The depth of the NSA’s alleged spying and communications tapping – both with and without service provider knowledge — is beginning to make many CIOs re-evaluate their move to cloud-based services.

Now this does not mean that during 2014, the Cloud will die.  On the contrary.  We will see a definite analysis of what services make sense in the Cloud.  Easy wins will be no more.  Everything – even “slam dunks” like email and file storage and collaboration tools – will be up for (re)analysis.

It may mean that (for many) the Cloud will not be the “defacto” choice in 2014; simply one of many choices.  A choice that is made after careful study of the environment and a definitive needs analysis.

Cloud Brokers Make a Push

According to CIO magazine, cloud broker or cloud solution provider positions will be embraced in 2014. Vendor-neutral, pay-for-service cloud brokers will be able to analyze a company’s needs and recommend both a provider and a strategy for making use of that provider’s products and services for any given task or workload.

IT departments will finally be in the drivers’ seats, able to really sit down with a knowledgeable set of professionals (who do not have a hidden agenda) and figure out exactly what solution and what model works best.

Product Development Changes

Finally, one of the biggest impacts on 2014 is something that actually happened in 2014 – the selection of Satya Nadella as Microsoft’s 3rd CEO.  There are two main questions surrounding both the choice of chief executive and the immediate moves he makes in the first part of his tenure.

Steve Ballmer, the outgoing CEO, has tried to convert Microsoft into an organization that makes a variety of devices, such as tablets and phones, which connect to services that Microsoft runs. This represents a big switch from Microsoft’s traditional licensing practice that made the company a technology leader. Many now wonder if this transformation is beneficial to them, and everyone is waiting to see if Nadella will push the pause button on the change and assess whether the transformation is good for both Microsoft and its customers. Whatever the answer, it will have a big impact on the role Microsoft software and technology plays in many businesses.

No matter the future of enterprise IT, you will need to the people to help make it a reality.  When you are looking for high-quality, highly skilled technical talent in Phoenix, call AZ Tech Finders.  If you are looking for technical recruiters in Phoenix Arizona, contact our team today.

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