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The Only Way to Attract Top IT Talent

Top IT talent is notoriously hard to recruit.  They are usually happily employed and not actively looking for a new position.  They are not replying to your job posts; they probably do not have a completed resume; they are frequently not interested in taking a day off to come in to interview.

So how do you attract this top IT talent?  You market to them.  To do this effectively, you need to have multiple “hooks” to attract their interest.  There is no one way – no magic bullet – to attract an entire population of people, so add these tools to your belt.  By employing a variety of tactics, you can effectively engage your targeted candidates.

1)      Offer certifications! If you offer free or cost efficient certification training and challenging projects you will have the ability to attract more talent.  Sixty-eight percent of IT professionals say that this is a determining factor in their job search.

2)      Spot-on content.  Have employees create blog articles on their jobs, their department and cool innovations they are working on.  Day-in-the-life videos of your office environment and the perks of working for your company are also great recruiting tools.

3)      No job update blasts.  Providing job updates is a fantastic way to get your open jobs in front of candidates who have opted-in.  However, be careful not to send every job description in your job bank to every candidate in your pipeline.  People do not want to have their time wasted, and nothing wastes more time than clicking on a completely irrelevant job description.  Eventually, no one will click on (much less read) any of your communications related to your open jobs.

4)      Personalize every piece of communication.  Most top IT professionals get 20+ InMails and emails every week….most of them generic.  Generic communications equal spam in most peoples’ minds.  Personalization and customization is key.

5)      Invite them to mutally beneficial events.  Building relationships is still best done in person.  However, meeting for coffee can be time consuming, and if you offer, your top IT prospect will probably turn you down.  They are busy.  It is better to meet and invite your top prospects to events that benefit them, either educational seminars or low-pressure networking events.

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