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How Social Analytics Can Improve IT Efficiency

Businesses are growing more social, making enterprise social analytics technology a hot commodity right now.  Businesses, all over, are looking for new ways to leverage these social connections in order to learn how to better align their business goals with the flow of information between members of their workforce.

Getting a handle on employees’ “social activities” became big news as information leaked about how Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter’s proprietary algorithms see connections between people and then infer what those people are interested in based on their connections.

Capturing that information, gleaning real-time insights and designing process improvements is the next new area of business intelligence software as new business collaboration applications are focused on internal social networking platforms such as:

  • Email
  • Calendars
  • Instant messaging

These data sets can yield a vast amount of business value, especially for large, distributed organizations, including:

  • How time is being allocated among and within teams
  • How internal communication can be improved
  • Where collaboration can improve across the organization
  • Where bottlenecks  occur and how to eliminate them
  • How to improve organizational charts, strategic initiatives and customer feedback
  • How to rank business topics based on level of importance

When deployed, these applications have allowed managers to better address employee concerns around workload distribution or recognize a previously unrecognized case of uneven distribution.  When workloads are evenly distributed, productivity increases.  Regardless of whether or cialisdailyuse.com – info not you decide to give this analytic data back to your employees, the reports can help identify where business processes can be improved for better productivity gains.

Privacy concerns

Information is pulled only from header-level data, not attachments, content, specific calendar data or contact names.  Some people are against any technology that is viewed as potentially violating an employee’s right to privacy; however, there should be no legal expectation of privacy when dealing with corporate data from company owned systems.

Personal emails (such as to a parent, sibling or spouse) should be sent from a personal email account.

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