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There’s No Company Without Culture

More than holiday gift exchanges, themed Fridays, or a brand slogan, company culture represents the soul of your organization and drives everything you and your employees do.

When it’s done right, company culture will differentiate you from the competition, improve retention, and attract the best talent.

The Secrets to Our Award-Winning Company Culture

At The Finders, we’re proud to say that our company culture has exceeded standards and has brought out the best in our employees. How do we do it? We keep in mind that our employees want to be part of something worthwhile. We align our values and drive the business towards a meaningful purpose. This helps our employees feel not just included but empowered.

Sharon Bondurant, The Finder’s Founder & CEO, shared what we’ve done to build the fantastic culture that has helped us land the #6 spot on the Best Places to Work for 2018 (Micro Category of 10-49 people):

Invest in Talent

“We empower our team with cutting-edge tools and resources, so they can become the best recruiters in the industry. We promote continuing education both in our field and personal development in general” Sharon reveals. “We invest and pour countless hours into training and supporting our team. We are one of the few staffing organizations that will train individuals that are looking to leave their current profession and learn to recruit.”

Foster an Upbeat Environment

The Finders also keeps things exciting by offering endless cups of Press Coffee! We have a keg of cold brew coffee that is always flowing. Sharon will testify, “Some of our team goes so far as doing a group 2:30 pm shot of espresso!”

Work-Life Balance

We believe in work-life balance. Our employees have the opportunity to earn extra days off throughout the year. Are you celebrating a birthday? At The Finders, along with a birthday party and gift card, you get a free day off to use sometime in the next month! We also do Half Day Fridays all summer long and extra days off around the holidays. Employees appreciate these perks even more because they know it is the result of their work ethic, goal setting, and positive attitude.

Build Relationships

People want to be a part of something that offers more than a regular paycheck; they want to work in a nurturing environment that boosts their morale and promotes a sense of camaraderie. They want their company to be just as interested in their personal and professional development as it is about the bottom line. And when employees feel immense pride in your organization, they become your brand’s best advocates to their friends, families, and professional networks.

We know that successful corporate cultures are the ones that unite all employees under a common goal, encouraging productivity and impacting outcomes. Company culture speaks volumes about your brand’s values and will ultimately be either the reason why top prospective employees sign or don’t sign on with your company. Let us help you!

Recruiting is more than filling an empty seat. It’s about looking at brands through an employee’s perspective to ensure your hiring process is reflective of your culture. As a company that puts culture at the forefront, we love nothing more than helping other company cultures prosper and grow by making quality hires. For more information on how The Finders can help you find employees that are positive additions to your company culture, visit The-Finders.com.