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Tech Finders Turns Fifteen

I remember it like it was yesterday…..  the birth of Tech Finders…my baby.  Today my baby is fifteen.  Looking back, there are many things that have changed:

–        The tools of our trade in 1998 were the telephone and the handy dandy phone book.  Period.

–        There were no cell phones and no computers in the office.

–        CareerBuilder was something new…and FREE!

–        C++ and Powerbuilder were the new and in demand “HOT” skill sets

–        Personally, I had one baby at home.  I now have 2 teenagers and 2 “tweeners”

–        We had a staff of one (ME) and our location was my spare bedroom


After some sleepless nights, and a little blood, sweat, and tears, Tech Finders grew.  We experimented and discovered what worked in our industry and what did not.  We maintained our pleasantly, persistent demeanor and we refused to give up.  We weathered storms, and hiked through valleys.  We saw the rebirth of Cobol in 1999, we experienced highs with the .com boom and big lows with the .com bust.   We held on through the Great Recession of 2009 and have been on a great climb ever since. Through all of this, we have had wonderful client partners and candidates that made it all worthwhile.


And, there are some things that have not changed at all:


–       Our gratitude for the people that we represent (our clients and our candidates).  Some of these relationships are going on eleven years of service!

–       The passion for our industry.  All of my staff exudes passion for what they do.  We all love connecting the best of the best.  We are committed and driven to do the right thing.

–        Our dedication to solve staffing problems in a straight forward, quick, and expedient manner.

–       The amazing people we serve.  It is you that bring us our daily joy.


To my wonderful staff, I want to send my extreme gratitude.  It is your hard work and your constant dedication that has made Tech Finders what it is today.


To our wonderful clients and candidates, on behalf of myself and my staff, thank you for believing in us and giving us the opportunity help you to be successful.   We are looking forward to the next 15 years!


– Sharon Bondurant