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Tech Finders Launches Video Interviews

“Tech Finders recognizes that video and social media play a vital role in the today’s hiring process”, says Sharon Bondurant, Founder / CEO of Tech Finders. “As a result, we are constantly evolving and improving our recruiting processes to find innovative and creative ways to deliver the best talent to our clients. A recent value add that we have included in our hiring process is a 60 second video interview that we send along with our candidate profile. We have found that it is cutting the length of the hiring process by as much as 30%, thus saving our clients valuable time, money, and resources”.

This video interview technology allows employers to get that first crucial 60 seconds out of the way, without ever interviewing the job seeker in person. Having a video profile will enhance opportunities of talent and demonstrate that they are job seekers serious about their pursuit. Tech Finders offers the interview technology both in-house and remotely. Candidates anywhere in the world can set up a full online portfolio complete with a one to two-minute video profile in ten minutes. This technology also allows the use of a mobile recording device, equipped on most smart phones, to be utilized in recording and uploading a video to the database. As everyone – from small businesses to Fortune 5s, looks for a way to hire the best-of-the-best within their field, they are also looking for a quick and cost-effective way to accomplish this. Tech Finders has partnered with TalentRooster, an industry leader in video interviewing technology, to offer its platform to Tech Finders’ expanding client base.

“Our mission over the past 14 years has been to not only find the best talent, find viagra online but to do it in a manner that saves our clients time and money,” says Bondurant. “With this video interview powered by TalentRooster, we are accomplishing that goal.”