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12 Steps To Hiring The Most Qualified Employees

How can you ensure that you hire the most qualified employees?

Here are twelve steps to hiring the most qualified employees:

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10 Year End Activities For Business Owners

The end of the year is when business owners should be giving their business extra attention and performing end of the year activities to set the business up for success.

What end of the year activities are a must for business owners?

We sat down with 10 business owners to hear how they are wrapping up the year to ensure success for the year to come.

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Jenny Taylor – Building a Business Through Passion

On this episode of Messy in the Middle, Sharon is joined by Jenny Taylor. Jenny Taylor is most well known over the past decade for being the founder of the Famous Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography where her team transforms the everyday woman into a bombshell at her private luxury boudoir studios located in Chicago, Nashville, and Southern California.

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Jennifer Gilbert – Getting Creative and Finding Success

Sharon sits down with Jennifer Gilbert, a former social studies teacher who made a massive pivot into the corporate tech world. They dive into many of the challenges Jennifer went through when transitioning into an entirely new field after teaching children for 10 years, how she dealt with the rejection and fear of starting over, and how she got creative with her resume and received 5 job offers all at once!

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How to Find a Job During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the job market to unprecedented levels. As of June 2020, Trading Economics reported that the national unemployment rate was 11.1%.

From layoffs to furloughs, thousands of people have been left to search for alternative employment. Finding a job amid a pandemic can be daunting, but here are five tips

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9 Jobs In High Demand in Arizona

Arizona is one of the fastest-growing economies in the United States. With a booming population, many businesses and entrepreneurs have flocked to this southwestern state in search of new opportunities. But what, exactly, are these new opportunities?

We’ve asked nine experts for their thoughts on Arizona’s exciting job market. Below are nine areas with jobs in high demand in Arizona.

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Desiree Martinez – Leaning In and Getting Uncomfortable

Desiree and I met quite a few years back, thanks to her mom! Desiree and I dive deep into the evolution of her business and agency, how the messy parts lead to success. Desiree shares how we can use that messy to not only grow and learn but to lend a hand out to those who may experience the same messy.

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Chris Ronzio – Scaling Your Business Successfully

Sharon hosts Chris Ronzio, a serial entrepreneur and startup leader. He helps busy business leaders automate their training processes and manuals with Trainual. He hosts the Process Makes Perfect Podcast where he helps hosts an incredible A-list of guests sharing their tips and secrets to successful business growth. He joined me to share how his journey began at the age of 14 and has continued to explosively grow since then!

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Why Top Candidates Go With Your Competitors

Do you ever wonder why you miss out on your top job candidates? Learn why they go elsewhere in this descriptive post and learn what you can do to retain the attention and interest in your next potential job candidates with a few simple gestures and touchpoints.

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