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Would You Hire a Hacker To Catch a Hacker? 8 CEOs Who Think You Should Hire a Hacker To Hack Your Company

Would you hire a hacker to hack your company? Why or why not?

To help your company with understanding potential security threats, we asked tech experts and business owners this question for their thoughts. From being proactive to weighing the costs there are several ideas that may help you to figure out how to protect your company from online security threats.

Here are eight tips for securing your company: 

Research And Vet A Reputable CompanyIt’s Important That Your Site Is Always Up And RunningProactive Is Better Than ReactiveThey Discover Exploits That Haven’t Been FoundRun Penetration TestsVerify Via Your Own NetworkProtect Your Intellectual PropertyWeigh Your Costs

Research And Vet A Reputable Company

With the right due diligence, certainly….

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