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Behind The Scenes at The Finders

This month, we have a "behind the scenes" peek at The Finders through the eyes of Lori Pasteur, who embodies the kind of consummate professionals we work with. She shares what it's like to be a hiring company and a potential candidate in this market. Enjoy!

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Crafting a Competitive Resume for the Tech Industry

Your resume is often the first impression you have when introducing yourself to tech recruiters. Without a powerful, concise resume, your job search will be an extended hunt offering limited opportunities. You must use this piece of paper to advertise yourself to prospective employers in a way that separates you from the competition.

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Tech Finders Launches New Brand

The Finders is home to Tech Finders, HR Finders, and Finance Finders, three hyper-specialized practice groups with tenured team members who have deep industry experience and have, or make, the right connections. As one of the leading recruiting firms exclusive to Arizona, to date, The Finders has placed more than 3,700 candidates and works with more than 100 active client companies, specializing in passive talent recruitment.

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