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How to Manage and Attract IT Millennials

For the first time in recorded history, there are workers spanning four generations in businesses all across the country.  A new workplace dynamic has emerged…one that has gotten a lot of negative press about intergenerational classes between “stodgy” older workers and “arrogant” upstarts.

These reports make for good headlines, but they are simply not true.  There are strong similarities between millennials and the generations that have preceded them.  Most of us want the same thing – security, variety and the ability to grow in our careers;…

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The Road to Becoming a CIO in Arizona

The road to becoming a chief information officer, or CIO, is a long and tedious one, but it is a role that will certainly payoff in the end. Beginning a career as a CIO almost always starts with an entry-level position in the IT sector, whether it is that of a systems analyst, software programmer or network technician. Starter roles like these are crucial in developing the versatile skill set needed in to oversee IT operations.

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The Inc 5000 Experience and Reflections on Starting Tech Finders

Anticipation for the Inc. 5000 Conference and Awards Ceremony began nearly six months prior to the event held at the JW Marriott in Phoenix. Over a thousand entrepreneurs and company leaders gathered for three days of seminars, celebrations and sharing of success stories. The energy and excitement was truly motivational in itself, which brought back memories of starting Tech Finders.

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NET JAVA PHP Developer Jobs in Arizona | Salary Breakdown

.NET, JAVA, PHP Developer Job Salaries in Arizona are increasing.

What must employers offer candidates to attract top talent?


Tech salaries are on the rise and Arizona is keeping pace. According to the latest available figures from the US Bureau of Labor statistics, the average salary for a software engineer in Arizona is just over $89,000 which places the state at a solid 16th highest nationwide.  Average Phoenix area salaries for specific disciplines are as follows:


.net developer

c# .net developer

front end developer

java developer

php developer

php java developer

senior software developer


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