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The Only Way to Attract Top IT Talent

Top IT talent is notoriously hard to recruit.  They are usually happily employed and not actively looking for a new position.  They are not replying to your job posts; they probably do not have a completed resume; they are frequently not interested in taking a day off to come in to interview.

So how do you attract this top IT talent?  You market to them.  To do this effectively, you need to have multiple “hooks” to attract their interest. …

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How Social Analytics Can Improve IT Efficiency

Businesses are growing more social, making enterprise social analytics technology a hot commodity right now.  Businesses, all over, are looking for new ways to leverage these social connections in order to learn how to better align their business goals with the flow of information between members of their workforce.

Getting a handle on employees’ “social activities” became big news as information leaked about how Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter’s proprietary algorithms see connections between people and then infer what those people are interested in based on their connections….

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Improve Your IT Department Brand- Beat the Stereotype

Mention the IT department and people envision the inscrutable man behind the curtain.

How can you change that perception?


Talk to people.Tell them what you love about what you do.  You may be surprised. Even people who are not tech-savvy are frequently tech-interested. Offer tips to help them do their jobs more efficiently. Ask them what they have trouble with.

Even if it doesn’t come naturally to you, chat with people in common areas….

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Tech Finders Launches Video Interviews

This video interview technology allows employers to get that first crucial 60 seconds out of the way, without ever interviewing the job seeker in person. Having a video profile will enhance opportunities for talent and demonstrate that they are job seekers serious about their pursuit. Tech Finders offers the interview technology both in-house and remotely.

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